‘Crowd Pleaser’ ⛽☢ Pre-Release on Bandcamp + Video on Youtube!

‘Crowd Pleaser’ ⛽☢ has a special pre-Release on Bandcamp and a promotional Video on Youtube!
We are all very excited about this track, our friends Joseph Gearheart and Sugar Parks flew in from the USA to record this with us!
It took lots of time and hard work and the topic is very out there and was a few years to get it off the ground!We hope to release the track everywhere in a few weeks or months! Our fans and friends get to enjoy it early, on Bandcamp and Youtube!

Crowd Pleaser ⛽☢ country rock “retro futurism” by Swamp Music Players. Featuring and co-written by Virginia Americana artist Joseph Gearheart. The Swamp Music Players are an international collective of artists with a passion for swamp music and Cosmic Americana. ‘Crowd Pleaser’ is so retro it’s now!

Special guest on backing vox, Hollywood’s “Sugar Parks”. Produced and mixed by Wynn Gogol. Mastered at 1 Ton Studio.

Transistorized Southern Roots Rock with authentic plate-reverb, retro tech synth inspired by John Carpenter and customized effects.’Crowd Pleaser’ is a fun retro track of Swamp Rock and Cosmic Americana. The song was inspired bythe literature of Hunter S. Thompson and Philip K. Dick as well as mirroring of events between the 1970s and current day. The new cold war, the rise of populism and the cry for freedom. We live in interesting times.
Swamp Music Players
Copyright Swamp Music Players Inc.
Executive Producer John Kayden (Don Danger Jon)

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‘Crowd Pleaser’ announcement – Swamp Music Players Jan 2017 ⛽☢

Swamp Music Players announcement – our new track ‘Crowd Pleaser’  ⛽☢ is set for pre-release in January. Featuring and co-written by Virginia musician Joseph Gearheart. ‘Crowd Pleaser’ includes special guest North Hollywood’s very own Sugar Parks! The track is also in great hands having been produced by Wynn Gogol of 1 Ton Studios. ‘Crowd Pleaser’ is a retro transistorized Cosmic Americana track that is so retro it’s now!

Crowd Pleaser, Swamp Music Players

Swamp Music Players – track ‘Crowd Pleaser’



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Swamp Music Players on CJMP 90.1FM

Swamp Music Players on CJMP 90.1FM! The Big Groove Radio Show with Brad Mennie, how cool is that?

Future Swamp eh?


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Roddy Piper WWE star. Movie Costume in his last role!

Roddy Piper WWE legend and star of the cult John Carpenter film “They Live”. Swamp Music Players put up for auction his movie costume worn in his last film “Portal To Hell”. Our manager Crushwb was gifted the item by the production company for helping to promote the film on social media. We’ve kept some memorabilia sent to us but can no longer store the costume so now have it up for auction in California.We are raising funds for our next EP “Urban Crime”.

roddy piper



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Crowd Pleaser ☢⛽ recording Americana with USA friends!

Exciting fun for Swamp Music Players as we have this October some of our American friends fly in to record an Americana track with us! Joseph Gearheart is an underground folk poet from Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley and Sugar Parks is a singer from Hollywood California.

We co-wrote a track with Mr Gearheart and was so pleased with it we invited him to Victoria BC to record with us in a real studio! Titled “Crowd Pleaser” ☢⛽it’s both lyrically and musically rich. Drawing upon that feeling of listening to late 1970s Americana and dug into upon cultural themes that have proved cyclical (oddly retro) but relevant today. Most of all we really wanted to make a song our fans would really enjoy and had them in mind. It’s exciting that we have made so many friendships with artists that we can invite them to work on such a project.

Crowd Pleaser

Crowd Pleaser , swamp music players

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Swamp Music Players at Wheelies Motorcycles – Friday Aug 26th !

Swamp Music Players at Wheelies Motorcycles – Friday Aug 26th !

Wheelies Motorcycles is a Custom Motorcycle Shop and Gourmet Eatery! Come on down and enjoy some Southern flavored music and wonderful food and drinks!

Start time after 7pm
Show by (optional) donation, suggested donation $5 or $10 depending on your budget! We are raising funds to record and press our next EP” Urban Crime”

Our last show was last year at the historic Railroad Club in Vancouver BC, looking forward to getting back into the BC scene and getting our swamp legs again! Raising funds for our next EP “Urban Crime” aiming for campus charts in Canada and California! Come on down ! swamp swamp swamp !

Event Photo3

Swamp Music Players Show

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Over 50,000 hits for Warrior by Swamp Music Players

We did it, over 50,000 hits for our track “Warrior”, transistorized Cosmic American music , inspired by a well documented UFO abduction in 1975. Warrior is our most polished track recorded and mixed by award winning producer Wynn Gogol. We were able to motivate our growing base of fans and pals to share the track enough to reach our goal and we are still generating some hits from this campaign! Thanks to everyone for raising our profile and getting the music out there to your friends.


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Congratulations on Swamp Music being selected for A.V.A Live Radio New Music Monday!

Congratulations on Swamp Music being selected for A.V.A Live Radio New Music Monday!

The Live Play will air on  7/18 : New Music Monday: July 18, 2016 – 6pm EST


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Peggy 18 by Swamp Music Players, LoFi supernatural swamp funk

A fun micro-budget video whipped up to celebrate a year since the release of our LoFi album “Timeless Cool”. The supernatural swamp funk song “Peggy 18”.
Thanks to Darren Ho Media for the HD shots and Stills, low rez footage and Director Crushwb.Hilary and Jon Dude made for great Day Walkers, great acting.


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“Danielle” a special limited pressing EP

Hello folks! We have been pretty busy but I am happy to say our special limited pressing EP “Danielle” has sold out. It includes tracks “My Angel Awakes” , “Bottle Fly Mercury Blues” and another mystery track!  Not to worry if you missed out the last twenty copies have shipped out to to Radio stations in Canada and California. I will update if any choose to give it spins 😉

Danielle EP by Swamp Music Players

“Danielle” EP is dedicated to our pal Swamp Girl aka Danielle Leigh Rashall, as our first show was to help her raise funds for school supplies, she has since contributed to our art style as one of our artists and sometimes models for SMP. This is for you girl, thanks muchly.

Stay tunes for more news from Swamp Music Players soon! We have a new live show in the works!

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