How to help Swamp Music Players during these tough times.

Support Your SMP

During these tough times musicians have been hit hard. Money is tight, how can you help Swamp Music Players?

Cashless? Sure, you can still help muchly!

Subscribe & Share. We crossed paths please, don’t forget us between albums and singles. Subscribe on one or several of the popular sites we are on. Our favorite music sites are Spotify, Deezer, Bandcamp and Soundcloud but we are on most popular sites!

Our Youtube Channel is one of our favorite places to have fun and make music videos! Smash that subscribe the like buttons, hit that bell icon.

Follow us on our socials! We are most active on Twitter and Instagram ! If you are following us on your favorite music and socials sites you won’t forget us or miss out on one of our new singles or collaborations!

Share! By posting our music, videos or merch on your sites and socials really helps Swamp Music Players. If you hit like or add us to playlists it really is an awesome help to your friendly neighborhood Swamp Music Players.

Got cash? 😮 …… A donation to our Paypal or Bitcoin is a big boost. $1 Donation equals hundreds or thousands of music streams. We also have a Bandcamp store for our lossless music and a Rebubble Merch store for some really cool T-shirts, clothes, Art and goods.

You! Can help us fight the future !

Thanks, from the Swamp Music Players.