Top-30 and #1 in Victoria Music Charts? CFUV !

A Commercial Touchdown by Swamp Music Players? Top-30? In Victoria? 🤔📈😀
Wow we debut at #10 on the Top-30 on CFUV FM radio and we debuted at #2 on the Folk/Roots/Blues chart and moved to #1 the following week!
‘Commercial Touchdown’ 🏉🚀💿 with featured artists Laura Jacobs , Sugar Parks and Joseph Gearheart!
Special thanks to Steve Greene of the BattleChamber who produced ‘Jezebel’ and mixed mastered ‘Scared To Love’.

🏉🚀💿 Kudos to the Swampers , Earl Jr Jackson Black and his kid brother Geoff Mason. That Damn Lieutenant Evert Pater, Romantic Ronan, Executive Producer Don Jon Crushwb
We acknowledge award winning producer Wynn Gogol for the track ‘Warrior’ as producer, recording, mixing, mastering. One Ton Studio
Thanks #CFUV !

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