Dancer Paige Fralix spins ‘Jezebel’ to model her original dress!

Notable professional dancer from Atlanta “Paige Fralix” honors Swamp Music Players by spinning our track ‘Jezebel’ while modeling her original dress!

“First time making a garment without a pattern and using elastic 💪 we shall call her “Jezebel” 🦋☺️ Making my own clothes has been kind of meditative as well as teaching me to slow down and stay focused for longer periods of time.

Shoutout to @swampmusicinfo for their new single ‘Jezebel’ ft. @sugarparksmusic 💗 From the 2020 bandcamp album ‘Commercial Touchdown’. Needed a tune to help show off my creation ☀️best wishes on your guys musical journey 🌎”

Paige Fralix by Swamp Music Players featuring singer-songwriter Sugar Parks

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