Crowd Pleaser ☢⛽ recording Americana with USA friends!

Exciting fun for Swamp Music Players as we have this October some of our American friends fly in to record an Americana track with us! Joseph Gearheart is an underground folk poet from Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley and Sugar Parks is a singer from Hollywood California.

We co-wrote a track with Mr Gearheart and was so pleased with it we invited him to Victoria BC to record with us in a real studio! Titled “Crowd Pleaser” ☢⛽it’s both lyrically and musically rich. Drawing upon that feeling of listening to late 1970s Americana and dug into upon cultural themes that have proved cyclical (oddly retro) but relevant today. Most of all we really wanted to make a song our fans would really enjoy and had them in mind. It’s exciting that we have made so many friendships with artists that we can invite them to work on such a project.

Crowd Pleaser

Crowd Pleaser , swamp music players

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