‘Crowd Pleaser’ ⛽☢ Pre-Release on Bandcamp + Video on Youtube!

‘Crowd Pleaser’ ⛽☢ has a special pre-Release on Bandcamp and a promotional Video on Youtube!
We are all very excited about this track, our friends Joseph Gearheart and Sugar Parks flew in from the USA to record this with us!
It took lots of time and hard work and the topic is very out there and was a few years to get it off the ground!We hope to release the track everywhere in a few weeks or months! Our fans and friends get to enjoy it early, on Bandcamp and Youtube!

Crowd Pleaser ⛽☢ country rock “retro futurism” by Swamp Music Players. Featuring and co-written by Virginia Americana artist Joseph Gearheart. The Swamp Music Players are an international collective of artists with a passion for swamp music and Cosmic Americana. ‘Crowd Pleaser’ is so retro it’s now!

Special guest on backing vox, Hollywood’s “Sugar Parks”. Produced and mixed by Wynn Gogol. Mastered at 1 Ton Studio.

Transistorized Southern Roots Rock with authentic plate-reverb, retro tech synth inspired by John Carpenter and customized effects.’Crowd Pleaser’ is a fun retro track of Swamp Rock and Cosmic Americana. The song was inspired bythe literature of Hunter S. Thompson and Philip K. Dick as well as mirroring of events between the 1970s and current day. The new cold war, the rise of populism and the cry for freedom. We live in interesting times.
Swamp Music Players
Copyright Swamp Music Players Inc.
Executive Producer John Kayden (Don Danger Jon)

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