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Swamp Music Players are a retro futuristic band with a passion for Swamp Rock, Swamp Blues, Swamp Pop and Cosmic Americana. We enjoy the crossroads of the late 1970’s and early 1980’s when good ole Rock’N’Roll was cool again and co-existing with retro transistor technology.

Our art projects have a strong thematic and theatrical edge. We have worked with award winning producers and Grammy ballot artists on recording projects. We have reached Top-30 Campus charts in Ontario and made the top ten for fan voting for the Warped Tour USA. SMP is unique being able to play authentic Blues/Classic Rock while also reaching a younger international audience because of our commitment to our underground art style.  We have earned deep social media penetration for being outliers in both the retro transistor-punk art movement and authentic swamp music genres. Swamp Music Players is beloved by a growing community of fans and artists.  Fighting the future in the 21st Century!


We are available for live shows, festivals and will consider recording projects. Please contact our General Manager “Don Jon” for bookings.

Booking Contact : General Manager Don Jon (John K.)   

c# 1-250-418-0100        info@swampmusic.info




  • ‘Crowd Pleaser’ ⛽☢ (2017) Single Pre-release
  • EP “Danielle” (2016) – 3 track EP, a limited release EP on CD to supporters and several Canadian radio stations
  • Single “Warrior” (2015) – Single, a Cosmic Americana single recorded and mixed by award winning producer Wynn Gogol.
  • Album “Timeless Cool” (2015) – 13 track album with special guests RJ Comer Grammy ballot artist, Wily Bo Walker British Blues award runner-up, Jason Murphy horror author of “The Black Goat Motorcycle Club” and co-star/producer of the NatGeo TV show “Hacking The System”
  • EP “Cosmic Top Secret” (2015) – a limited release EP on cassette tape only,a reward for our Kickstarter backers and supporters
  • Album “Swamp Music Players” (2012) – 9 tracks album with local guest artist Hilary Beckett


The Rocking Magpie (2016) -Timeless Cool album review

Roots Time Belgium (2016) EP Danielle

Guitar News Daily (2014) – An Interesting Twist On Southern Rock From Canada

Roots Time Belgium (2013) -Swamp Music Players album review

Swamp Music Players Collective (2012)- Shaw TV Victoria  ( pre-band collective)

2016 Highlights

  • Top-30 November album “Danielle” in Hamilton 99.3 CFMU
  • Airplay for our underground album “Danielle” in Thunder Bay CILU 102.7FM
  • Airplay for our underground album “Danielle” in Fredericton CHSR 97.9FM
  • Airplay CJMP 90.1FM on the The Big Groove Radio Show
  •  50,000+ Youtube views for our lyric video for our song “Warrior”
  • Thousands of new fans from “Mexico City” following us due to our track “Warrior”
  • Collaborating with artists Joseph Gearheart and Sugar Parks who flew in to record our single ‘Crowd Pleaser’

2015 Highlights

  • Awarded Roddy Pipers onscreen work shirt from the film “Portal To Hell”
  • Warrior’ debuted #73 HitTracks Top 100 Netherlands
  • Top-30 June 2015 campus charts Hamilton and Kingston “Timeless Cool” album
  • #1 Blues/Roots June 2015 campus charts Kingston
  • Gifted guitar pics from Elliot Easton of ‘The Cars” , “The Heartbreakers”
  • “Timeless Cool” album of the week KKID 92.9FM Missouri
  • August release of our single “Warrior” produced & recorded by Wynn Gogol
  • May 12th release of our sophomore album “Timeless Cool”
  • “Timeless Cool” highly recommended album,week #38 HitTracks Top 100
  • May 12th release of our Kickstarter-reward cassette tape “Cosmic Top Secret”
  • Opening for RJ Comer at the historic Railway Club in Vancouver

2014 Highlights

  • A successful Kickstarter fund raising campaign for our album and comic
  • Collaboration with notable Los Angeles Americana musician RJ Comer
  • Collaboration with TV personalty Jason Murphy, co-star of National Geographic TV’s “Hacking the System”
  • Working with Wynn Gogol a Juno nominated producer and award winner of Folk Music and Maple Awards
  • Collaboration with respected Swamp musician Wily Bo Walker of the London UK scene
  • Collaboration with Joseph Gearheart singer-songwriter from Virginia
  • Producing our more ambitious sophomore album “Timeless Cool”
  • An article on Belgium music blog “Music Is The Dope
  • Raising funds for our comic artist in Bosnia that suffered worst flood there in history
  • 45th out of 86 in online voting for the Battle of the Bands for Montreal Warped Tour

2012/2013 Highlights

  • Debut album review by Belgium’s RootsTime.BE
  • #10 in voting for the Ernie Ball’s Battle of the Bands “Warped Tour Seattle”
  • #9 in voting for the Ernie Ball’s Battle of the Bands  “Uproar Festival Dallas”
  • Featured on Shaw TV’s “Go Island South” on swamp music in Victoria BC
  • Track “Cecile” has played on 92.9 FM Missouri’s “Rock the Ozarks” show
  • Cecile has played on the Jack Antonio “Do You Know Jack” radio show
  • Featured on Vancouver Island’s King Minion Podcast twice !
  • Fifth “Swamp Music” show at Logan’s Pub hosting  “The Revival BC” and “Pigeon Park”
  • Streamed out of popular sites in Mexico,South Africa, Canada and the USA
  • Hosting the Monday jam night at Ocean Island Cafe all year long !
  • The release of our self titled album on CD Baby !

Links -Social Media

Twitter (swampmusicinfo) www.twitter.com/swampmusicinfo

Patreon (swampmusicinfo)  www.patreon.com/swampmusicinfo

Facebook (swampmusicplayers) www.facebook.com/swampmusicplayers

Tumblr(swampmusicplayers) www.swampmusicplayers.tumblr.com

Instagram (crushwb1) www.instagram.com/crushwb1/

Links -Music

Bandcamp www.swampmusicplayers.bandcamp.com

CD Baby www.cdbaby.com/cd/swampmusicplayers

YouTube Channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcydOY2asvWPm3fWL9Apw-A

Daily Motion http://www.dailymotion.com/swampmusicplayers

Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/crushwb-smp

Reverbnation www.reverbnation.com/swampmusicplayers

Links – Music Industry

Live Victoria http://livevictoria.com/swampmusicplayers

Public Records http://publicrecords.org/artists/swamp-music-players

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