Swamp Girl


Limited release EP Danielle

Limited release EP Danielle

“Swamp Girl”  is a reoccurring character in our art design. As SMP has gained in popularity many people have asked…who is Swamp Girl? Swamp Girl is our friend Danielle Leigh Rashall aka Danny Daze of  “Danny Daze Photography”  She is an amateur photographer and digital artist from rural Louisiana.

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In 2016 we had a limited release EP “Danielle”  dedicated to her. Rallying to help our friend helped spark this artistic swampy adventure. An improvised show to help her out of bad times, became an artistic collective and a series of recording projects! Danielle has contributed digital art and modeling to SMP in several of our projects.

Timeless Cool swamp girl

Timeless Cool swamp girl, rear album cover




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