Release date of February 14th (Valentine’s Day) for ‘Scared To Love’

Announcing the release date of February 14th (Valentine’s Day) for
‘Scared To Love’ 🚀💔 the next song from Swamp Music Players (ft vivacious singer-songwriter Laura Jacobs) 💿🎶
Mixed by  Detroit music scene VIP Steve Greene of The Battle Chamber and Voyag3r
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Announcing the release date of February 14th (Valentine’s Day) for
‘Scared To Love’ 🚀💔 the next song from Swamp Music Players (ft singer-songwriter Laura Jacobs) 💿🎶 @laurarjacobs
Mixed by detroit music VIP Steve Greene @stevemgreene#Americana #CountryMusic#retro

— Swamp Music Players (@swampmusicinfo) January 25, 2019

‘Scared To Love’ Swamp Music Players featuring Laura Jacobs

You are gonna love Laura Jacobs in our next Swamp Music Players song ‘Scared To Love’ (written by Laura Jacobs) 🎤👄 We predict a Valentines Day release date! To keep updated please follow/subscribe to us on your favorite music sites!


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We are in the movies? ‘Hellcat’s Revenge’

This year (2018) Swamp Music Players appeared on the soundtrack of  ‘HellCat’s Revenge’ a Len Kabasinski action film! You may remember Len from his fame and special  appearances on ‘Red Letter Media’ but he has his own following in the Midwest as an auteur of DIY action films. It’s a really amazing oppurtunity for the Swamp Music Players to be part of the filmography of such a notable folk hero of B-movies. We are big fans of RedLetter media and retro style films so it is a huge honor for us. ‘HellCat’s Revenge’ was released via Cinedigm and distributed in Canada via Universal Home Entertainment!

This has inspired Swamp Music Players to become more involved in soundtrack projects as we already have a following in Hollywood.

HellCat's Revenge
A Len Kabasinski film

You can find DVD copies on Amazon USA –

Amazon Canada

Best Buy Canada

It’s also streaming on Amazon Prime and Vudu

Checkout Len’s Patreon page to be updated on his various projects!


‘Urban Crime’ music videos on Youtube

Urban Crime by Swamp Music Players
Swamp Rock influences combine with 1980s style Americana and Alt Music to create a LoFi retro-futuristic anachronism.
Really happy about the release of our EP album ‘Urban Crime’ it made a couple chart positions in Canada and The Netherlands and it opened new doors for us with college and community radio stations that never played our music before giving us a first chance. A very fun album to make and we made some Youtube videos as well.

The Dark End Of The Street, by Swamp Music Players featuring vocals by Kaity Joyce

A lounge style Americana cover song of ‘Believe It Or Not’ featuring ‘Sugar Parks’.

‘Still In Hollywood’ a cover song music lyric video Swamp Music Players ( Featuring Hilary Beckett)

A classic rock cover song of “The Cars” song ‘Cruiser’ performed by Swamp Music Players featuring Evert Pater.

Hazmat by Swamp Music Players featuring Joseph Gearheart

‘It’s Urban Crime’ an experimental audio drama and song from our LoFi album ‘Urban Crime’ A cameo by Art Hsu and featuring Jim Moffatt

Music Producer Evert Pater

Executive Producer John Kayden

Swamp Music Players – Youtube channel

March 13th  ‘HellCat’s Revenge’  is released USA/Canada

March 13th the action film we made soundtrack contributions to  ‘HellCat’s Revenge’  is released via Cinedigm! Cinedigm is the leading independent content distributor in the United States! #USA 🇺🇸 Also distributed in Canada via Universal Home Entertainment!

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Video preview for ‘Urban Crime’ EP by Swamp Music Players

Video preview for ‘Urban Crime’ EP by Swamp Music Players
Release date is November 15 2017.

Swamp Music Players present ‘URBAN CRIME’ Extended play record on Compact​ ​Disc. LoFi Retro Futuristic Swamp Rock & Cosmic Americana
‘Urban Crime’ EP is the third official album release from the Canadian based internationally collaborative music collective. ‘Urban Crime’ was recorded primarily with a Tascam 4-track cassette player and Roland BR-600 digital demo recorder to best achieve an authentic retro soundscape.

We are proud to feature the phenomenal vocals of Kaity Joyce (San Diego), Sugar Parks (Hollywood’s ‘Sugar Parks and the Massacre’) and Vancouver Island vocalist Hilary Beckett.
Special voice acting cameo on the experimental track ‘It’s Urban Crime’ by cult film star Art Hsu (‘Crank 2 High Voltage’ , ‘The FP’). Art Hsu
recreates with the Swamp Music Players a scene from one of our favorite cult films ‘The FP’. Swamp Rock influences combine with urbanized 1980s style
Americana to create a retro-futuristic anachronism. Swamp Music Players are fighting the future in the 21st century.

Swamp Music Players – 80% Canadian content eh.
Joseph ‘Geartro’ Gearheart – Vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, voice acting
Earl Jr Jackson Black (Geoff Mason) – Drummer, bass guitar, backing vocals
Damn Lieutenant (Evert Pater) – Bass Guitar, electric guitar, vocals
Jim ‘Grand Moff’ Moffatt – Vocals, acoustic guitar
Don Danger Jon (John Kayden) – Voice acting

Swamp Music Players : URBAN CRIME
Music Producer Evert Pater
Executive Producer John Edward Kayden
Published by Swamp Music Players Inc.
Copyright 2017 by Swamp Music Players Inc.
Special thanks to Art Hsu, Kaity Joyce and Sugar Parks.

Swamp Music Players