We are in the movies? ‘Hellcat’s Revenge’

This year (2018) Swamp Music Players appeared on the soundtrack of  ‘HellCat’s Revenge’ a Len Kabasinski action film! You may remember Len from his fame and special  appearances on ‘Red Letter Media’ but he has his own following in the Midwest as an auteur of DIY action films. It’s a really amazing oppurtunity for the Swamp Music Players to be part of the filmography of such a notable folk hero of B-movies. We are big fans of RedLetter media and retro style films so it is a huge honor for us. ‘HellCat’s Revenge’ was released via Cinedigm and distributed in Canada via Universal Home Entertainment!

This has inspired Swamp Music Players to become more involved in soundtrack projects as we already have a following in Hollywood.

HellCat's Revenge
A Len Kabasinski film

You can find DVD copies on Amazon USA – http://a.co/6u7rKVE

Amazon Canada http://a.co/blV1J09

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It’s also streaming on Amazon Prime and Vudu

Checkout Len’s Patreon page to be updated on his various projects!