‘Urban Crime’ music videos on Youtube

Urban Crime by Swamp Music Players
Swamp Rock influences combine with 1980s style Americana and Alt Music to create a LoFi retro-futuristic anachronism.
Really happy about the release of our EP album ‘Urban Crime’ it made a couple chart positions in Canada and The Netherlands and it opened new doors for us with college and community radio stations that never played our music before giving us a first chance. A very fun album to make and we made some Youtube videos as well.

The Dark End Of The Street, by Swamp Music Players featuring vocals by Kaity Joyce

A lounge style Americana cover song of ‘Believe It Or Not’ featuring ‘Sugar Parks’.

‘Still In Hollywood’ a cover song music lyric video Swamp Music Players ( Featuring Hilary Beckett)

A classic rock cover song of “The Cars” song ‘Cruiser’ performed by Swamp Music Players featuring Evert Pater.

Hazmat by Swamp Music Players featuring Joseph Gearheart

‘It’s Urban Crime’ an experimental audio drama and song from our LoFi album ‘Urban Crime’ A cameo by Art Hsu and featuring Jim Moffatt

Music Producer Evert Pater

Executive Producer John Kayden

Swamp Music Players – Youtube channel