Commercial Touchdown for Swamp Music Players!

03/01/2020 EP Album 

Fight The Future ! 

‘Commercial Touchdown’ EP-Album is a fusion of transistorized Cosmic Americana, Southern Swamp Rock and New Wave music. Swamp Music Players is a music-art collective that originates in Western Canada and collaborates with International artists to create retro futuristic interpretations of American music genres.  Currently only released to College/Community radio and to the Bandcamp Site.

Commercial Touchdown 

  1. Jezebel 02:47 ISRC   uscgh2007632 New Wave
  2. Warrior 03:42 ISRC usdy41597764 Americana
  3. Scared To Love 03:26 ISRC        uscgh1953294 Americana/Country
  4. Crowd Pleaser     03:55 ISRC uscgh1776892 Southern Rock

Canadian content  Jezebel 50% , Warrior 75% , Scared To Love 100% , Crowd Pleaser 75%. All songs are free of explicit lyrics and radio ready.

Swamp Music Players -Guitars/Engineer- Evert Pater , Guitars- Ronan Doris, Drums – Geoff Mason, Drums – Earl Jr Jackson Black.
Lyricist and Executive Producer J Kayden

‘Jezebel’ Featuring Sugar Parks. Synth-wave and southern Retro-rock that grounds that dreamy era with the authentic American song-writing of Sugar Parks. We wanted to combine the cinematic feel of 1980s films with the authentic feel of Rock’n’Roll and Americana. Produced by Steve Greene of Voyag3r.

“Warrior” Is a Cosmic Americana song recorded and mixed by award winning Canadian producer Wynn Gogol with vocals and rhythm guitar by Matt Franke. Warrior is a dark and contemplative song about the hard unforgiving life of a ring fighter. Warrior is partly Inspired by a documented case of Alien abduction.The Warrior mix features authentic plate reverbs.

‘Scared To Love’ Featuring Laura Jacobs. Swamp Music Players collaborate with the vivacious singer-songwriter Laura Jacobs on a song that is a blend of modern Urban Country music and retro Cosmic Americana. The song is concerning the difficulties between a man and woman when the man is fearless of everything but true love. 

‘Crowd Pleaser’ featuring Virginia artist Joseph Gearheart. The song was inspired by the literature of Hunter S. Thompson and Philip K. Dick as well as mirroring events between the 1970s and current day. The new cold war, the rise of populism and the cry for freedom. We live in interesting times.

vert Pater is the “Damn Lieutenant / Earl Jr Jackson Black is the drummerLaura jacobs is a featured artist


’Jezebel The collective blend earthy songwriting with flashy ’80s pyrotechnics. – Jason Scott, Bsides and Badlands

‘Scared To Love’ Swirling saloon-style verses, planted right at the center of classic honky-tonk and neo-traditionalism. – BSIDESANDBADLANDS 

SWAMP MUSIC PLAYERS, a ‘retro-futuristic’ music collective which is a delightful concept in music construction and band philosophy. -ComeHereFloyd

With a gritty rustic kind of Americana, Swamp Music Players “Scared To Love feat Laura Jacobs” chooses the path less taken. Keeping things to the essentials the song has a blurred beauty to it. Melodies feel so richly crafted as they evolve in unexpected ways. – Skope Mag 2019

‘Vacancy’ – a Demo for our next album ‘555 Tiki Motel’ late 2019

Swamp Music Players featuring Sugar Parks. This is the demo for  ‘Vacancy’  the song we are working on!  Written by Joseph Gearheart.

Our next album is ‘555 Tiki Motel’ 📞🍹
Inspired by the real life Motel most famously seen in the  scifi  film  ‘The Terminator’. 🤖

‘Vacancy’ will be the lead track and we are really excited as the album starts to fill out.

Our most mature #album it will be authentic americana and swamprock blues with just a touch and a kiss of  1980s style. We may sneak this one past NPR and KEXP if they are not listening deeply. 🔘📻💿
Featuring some of our favorite artists such as Joseph Gearheart, Sugar Parks and more! 🎶🎵

‘Scared To Love’ this Valentines Day !

February 14th Valentine’s Day) ……it’s all about ‘Scared To Love’ for your Swamp Music Players. It’s our next song and first song of 2019 !
‘Scared To Love’ 🚀💔 (ft vivacious singer-songwriter Laura Jacobs) 💿🎶
Mixed by Detroit music scene VIP Steve Greene of The Battle Chamber and Voyag3r
Please follow our music streaming sites and socials and help us share when the day comes! We have a sample track on Soundcloud right now! Let us know what you think !