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Swamp Music Players is retro futuristic Swamp Rock, Swamp Blues and Cosmic Americana. We are an international music collective based in Canada that has collaborated with notable artists from the USA and Europe. We have a passion for authentic American music genres when they first encountered electronic technology. We have worked with award winning producers and Grammy ballot artists on several recording projects and have had accomplishments in College and International radio.

 Our music has been featured in Len Kabasinski's cult film ‘Hellcat’s Revenge’ and reached the Top-20 National Music Charts (!earshot Canada 2020) and several times the Top-30 Campus charts in both Ontario and British Columbia.  We are looking forward to our music contributions being included in the upcoming 2024 release 'Commando Ninja 2'.
With a growing fan base  we pursue themes and creativity with a theatrical edge that transports the listener beyond the world of the mundane. Inspired by subversive underground artists of previous generations we seek to entertain through the lens of paranormal and speculative fiction to critique the real world and events. 

Enjoy the adventure and help us fight the future. 
Colectivo de música retro apasionado por Swamp-Rock,-Blues-Futuristic Americana. Nuestros logros son las listas musicales de radio universitarias y las bandas sonoras de películas.Nuestro sitio web tiene un blog, información sobre enlaces a nuestra música e información de contacto.¡La lucha continúa hermanos y hermanas!

Notable Quotes from Music Artists and Journalists 

Swamp Music Players : Music Collective - Core Membership 2023 
Executive Producer/ Lyricist Don Jon / President of Swamp Music Players Inc. - J. Kayden 
Percussion/ Composition/Earl Jr Jackson Black ( aka G. Mason )
Guitars/ Composition/ Sound Engineer : Damn Lieutenant E. Pater
Guitars/Composition : Romantic Ronan Doris 

Swamp Music Players : Founded in Victoria BC Canada , originally a Victoria BC charity event series that gained support from the local music community.  

Swamp Music Players started from a humble charity effort in the early 2010's as an informal event of volunteer musicians. A bi-yearly charity show called "Swamp Music" held at various cafes and pubs for the African charity "Ascoderu".  A recording studio offered us studio time to put together a self-titled album. The resulting DIY album garnered above average attention by college radio and social media and inspired the formation of a music collective. In 2015 SMP began to form as an international music collective called "Swamp Music Players" lead by lyricist and show-runner "Don Jon aka Crushwb" who executive produced  the LoFi album "Timeless Cool".  
Despite micro-funding the notoriety of Swamp Music Players gained the support of magnanimous professional artists from both the  UK and USA.  VIPs such as experienced genre artists Wily Bo Walker" , "RJ Comer" and accomplished Author/Humorist Jason Murphy of NatGeoTV's "Hacking The System".  Swamp Music Players continued to chart on Canadian College radio and gain international exposure as time and funding permitted. Highlights include contributing to the soundtrack of  
"Hellcat's Revenge" was a wonderful opportunity offered by cult-film-auteur Len Kabasinski's of RedletterMedia fame. Swamp Music Players also helped the social media promotion of Rowdy Roddy's last film "Portal To Hell" and was awarded on-set memorabilia and an  autographed copy of "They Live". Swamp Music Players has since had the privilege to work with Hollywood's Sugar Parks, Virginia song-smith Joseph Gearheart and notable film composer Steve Green of Detroit's BattleChamber  and the film "NewYork Ninja".  In 2023 the Swamp Music Players returned from a long hiatus with renewed interest in our work on music streaming and our upcoming soundtrack contribution on Benjamin Combes"Commando Ninja 2" 2024. 

Swamp Music Players

Retro futuristic music collective with a passion for Swamp Rock, Swamp Blues and Cosmic Americana. We are campus radio charting and involved in soundtrack projects.
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Colectivo de música retro apasionado por Swamp-Rock,-Blues-Futuristic Americana. Nuestros logros son las listas musicales de radio universitarias y las bandas sonoras de películas.

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Swamp Music Players


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